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Aspring Designer. Occasional model. Vietnamese & French Canadian. Pixie In Training. Crafts. Sewing. Animals. Nature. Art. Poetry. Love. Lust. Sex. Affection. Alternative & Fetish Fashion Inspired.

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{ the tiny bridge to the forest }
Hooper problems


1)Defending yourself from your friends/significant other who say “You’re getting ANOTHER ONE??”

2)Being a mild hazard to all living and non-living things around you

3)Eternal hoop bruises

4)Being treated like a child because you play with a “kid’s toy”

5)Being expected to…

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Kinda stoked to put my Etsy shop on vacation mode starting tomorrow! As much as I need the $$, that is how I’m celebrating my one year anni as a designer! So awesome to have such amazing supporters but I’ve been busting my ass since day one and I think it’s time to give myself a little break! I miss all my close friends, my fav model babes and photographers… everyone in the industry! I can’t wait to take some time off to refresh and come back with more epic shit! 

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Peep the flag! & my bum. ;)
"Turning you on turns me on."

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Already thinking about my next hair color… 😸